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Earlier this week, I posted an article about taking the next step in this journey you and I are on; the next step to being a better man, a better husband, a better dad. As a result of that, I am going to start a new series that will appear each Friday, called Take The Next Step! In this weekly post, I will offer a challenge, the next step, to being the man that God created us to be. Some weeks this will focus on our roles as husbands. Other weeks, it will focus on our roles as dads. Some will be more general, others will be very specific. Some will be light hearted, there will be others that will be spiritually minded.

Each one will, however, be an action step we can take, right now, to step it up as Deliberate Men.

Also, each week, I will include a couple of fun or inspiring links I have found from around the web. They may encourage you to keep going, or they may make you laugh.

And finally, I will offer a quote that I have found helpful or inspiring to get you going through the weekend.

So, with that, I give you this week’s edition of Take The Next Step!

Take The Next Step!

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday! Have you planned your weekend yet? If not, get your plan together. Include your wife. Set some fun goals that can help you enjoy some time together as a family. Be creative, and keep a sharp eye out for the stuff you don’t really want your kids to see that often occurs during the big game. Maybe you could play a game together during halftime, or have some ice cream or cake.

Our three older kids will all be out at various Superbowl Parties offered by our church’s junior high and high school ministries, so our plan is to get a movie our younger kids will enjoy and spend the evening hanging out, watching that. I know! Gasp! It’s not the game! But you know what? That’s ok. My kids will enjoy some time watching a funny movie with mom and dad, and my wife will enjoy some time together.

What are your plans? Make it happen!

From Around The Web

How To Make The World’s Best Paper Airplanes – Your kids will love it if you teach them how to make a paper airplane that will really soar! Maybe you could give this a shot during halftime!

Super Bowl Trivia – For you diehard football fans, check out this trivia game, and see just how much you really know about the sport you love.

21 Incredible Ice Cream Sundae Ideas – Another great idea for halftime. Some of these may require some planning, others are super easy. This would be a lot of fun as a family event. Just saying…

Parting Quote

You seek the heights of manhood when you seek the depths of God. – Edwin Louis Cole

Be Deliberate, Men!

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