Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

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Velentine's Day

That special holiday is right around the corner! You know the one I mean. Valentine’s Day is just a week away! What do you have planed for your wife?

Valentine’s Day has been a rough holiday for my wife and I for several years. It’s hard to make it very romantic in the midst of whiny kids, dirty diapers, and rigorous bedtime routines. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

I think I have had a few good ideas in the past. One year, I took a Field Notes Brand notebook, and completely filled it with the story of our lives together. I found the idea here. It was a success, she loved it! Another year, I planned an evening away without the kids, organizing a babysitter and planning the evening out in detail. Again, a success.

Other years, I made the day special with a nice card, or an evening at home together as a family. And again, those are ideas and memories my wife cherishes.

The point is, I planned. And it paid off most of the time. There were a couple of flops in there too.

The problem is my memory. Valentine’s Day isn’t a day I generally remember easily, and anticipate with eagerness. I used to. I can remember when I was a kid, building and decorating my Valentine’s Day box and getting my cards ready for my classmates. Because, even though every kid received the same list from the teacher, and every kid gave every other kid a card, I knew there would be that one in there, from that one girl in the second row. Those were the days when I looked forward to this holiday.

As I grew older, it was more of the feeling of, “It’s that time of year again?” It had lost it’s luster.

I don’t know. Maybe my wife has the exact same memories and feelings about it. Maybe it has lost it’s luster for her too. Maybe she doesn’t have that feeling of anticipation like she did when she was a kid. Maybe she wonders, “How is it February again already?”

I don’t want her to feel that way.

I want her to be excited, looking forward to that special moment, whether it’s just a heartfelt card, or a romantic getaway. And trust me, either of those can generate the same special feelings in her heart.

My role, as her knight in shining armor, is to cause those flutters in her stomach when she looks forward to receiving that card, or that box of chocolates (she’s not into stuffed animals as much anymore).

My role is to make sure she knows she’s loved. And not just on Valentine’s Day.

Be deliberate, men!

Have you set your plans for the holiday yet? If not, get to it! You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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